Innovation meets tradition since 1959.


Our passion for quality and commitment to sustainable practices drive us to create products that not only set the market standard but also improve the quality of life for our customers.

Innovations that work. Progress that has an effect.

At EXTE, figures are more than just statistics — they are proof of our continuous development and commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. From our founding in 1959 to today, we have consistently invested in our people, technologies and processes to not only be leaders in the industry, but also to make a positive contribution to our environment. Our figures show how we are growing, adapting, and always striving to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

manufacturing plant
zero Waste

Our mission is clear

We strive to improve the quality of life and home security through our innovative and sustainable products by 2030. As market leader in our core markets, we are committed to providing the best price-performance ratio and are committed to technological leadership.

Through continuous investments in digitization and automation as well as by promoting our employees, we strive to actively shape the future of the construction industry and always offer our customers a decisive quality advantage.

30 years

Extrusion expertise

Three decades of innovation and quality assurance go into every one of our products.

Zero Waste

Redefining sustainability

At EXTE, we use advanced technologies and innovative processes to reduce our plastic waste to zero.


Focus on sustainability

Our products are completely recyclable for environmentally friendly construction.

Values that drive us time and time again to strive for the best.



We are setting new standards in the construction industry by constantly developing innovative solutions that push the limits of what is possible.



Each of our products is reflected in our striving for perfection, characterized by the highest quality standards and attention to detail.



Our commitment to the environment is reflected in every step of our production process, from choosing energy-efficient methods to using environmentally friendly materials.



Our passion for outstanding quality and innovation motivates us every day not only to meet our customers' expectations, but to exceed them.



Together as a team, we achieve exceptional results by combining our expertise and operating in a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

A destination.
A team.

The team behind EXTE, led by visionary managing directors Dan Friedl, Holger S. Manske and Markus Giese, is at the heart of a healthy and innovative family business that stands on solid foundations.

With short and quick decision-making processes, the company is characterized by its agility and flexibility, always with the aim of acting in the best interests of its customers. Customer success through the use of EXTE solutions is at the center of all efforts.

A partnership on equal footing is essential; this is how the company interacts with its customers — be they manufacturers, window manufacturers, system houses or wholesalers. More than just a supplier, EXTE positions itself as a powerful partner for problem solving and development, which grows together with its customers.

from left Markus Giese (managing director Nienburg), Dan Friedl (managing partner) and Holger Manske (managing director Wipperfürth)

From the craft business
to an industrial company.

Six decades of EXTE: A chronicle of progress

The story of EXTE is an inspiring story of growth, innovation and consistency. Since our founding in 1959, we have continued to develop and become a key player in the construction industry.

Every decade of our existence is characterized by breakthrough innovations and strategic growth. From expanding our headquarters in Wipperfürth to introducing revolutionary technologies, our story is a living testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.”


A pioneer through quality, innovation and service.

At EXTE, quality is not just on paper — it is the foundation of our corporate philosophy. Through regular, strict controls and continuous review of our processes, we guarantee compliance with the highest standards.

Our investment in advanced technologies and employee training enables us to achieve excellent results every step of the way — from development to delivery. Our commitment to quality and precision is the basis for the reliability and durability of our products, which we are proud to present to our customers.

New test center

With our own test center, introduced in 2022, we are taking compliance and verification of standards to a new level. This enables us to react quickly to legal changes and to continuously optimize our products.

In-house toolmaking

Our cutting-edge toolmaking and development department are the basis for manufacturing precise extrusion and injection molding tools, accompanied by experienced engineers and supported by advanced technologies.

Powerful foiling

Thanks to our own wrapping systems and a selection of over 400 film colors and nine COEX colors, we guarantee long-lasting, color-stable and trendy designs for every requirement.

Logistics & customer service

Our logistics centers in Germany and Poland ensure the continuous availability of our products. Complemented by our qualified consulting team, we offer a service that leaves no questions unanswered.

Discover our locations

Our presence in the construction industry extends across national and international borders. With three strategically positioned locations in Germany and another in Poland, we offer our customers and partners local expertise and service. Each branch reflects our commitment to quality, innovation and customer focus — elements that are at the core of our corporate philosophy.