Building profiles for window construction

flat strips

Seamless integration into every window.

angle profiles

Aesthetic and functional at the same time.


Final accent with practical use.

Lamb paneling

Quick and clean solution for soffits

window accessories

Everything for professional window installation.

Roller shutter accessories

Sophisticated solutions for special projects.


Perfectly coordinated components.

A clean window connection is crucial for the longevity and energy efficiency of a building. EXTE building profiles offer the ideal solution for this in renovation. Our specially developed angles and strips ensure a precise window connection, which ensures both thermal separation and tightness of the window area. Our profiles are designed to work seamlessly with the masonry and window construction to provide a continuous, tight and thermal bridge-free connection.

Airtight connection

Minimizes heat losses and saves heating costs.

Heat bridge reduction

Prevents condensation and mold formation

Easy assembly

Quick and safe installation thanks to custom-fit components.


Suitable for all standard window types and building materials.


The three levels of the window connection joint.

Level 1: Separation level

The fundamental level that separates the indoor climate from the outdoor climate and ensures optimal insulation. Thanks to their precise design and choice of materials, EXTE construction profiles enable a tight and uninterrupted design that meets the requirements of this level.

Level 2: Functional level

This level is responsible for heat and sound insulation. Exte's innovative solutions, such as specially sized foams and insulation materials, offer optimal insulation and effectively protect against sound transmission.

Level 3: Weather protection

The outer shield against rain and wind. Through the “roof covering principle” and the use of pre-compressed sealing tapes, EXTE construction profiles ensure that rainwater is drained off in a controlled manner and that the construction is protected against penetrating moisture.

Discover our window accessory systems even offline.

Dive into the world of EXTE window accessory systems. Our latest catalog provides you with comprehensive information, technical data and inspiration to help you choose the perfect solutions for your projects.

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flat strips

Perfection in detail.

Discover our flat strips for seamless integration into any window design. Manufactured with precision, our flat strips offer the ideal solution for aesthetically appealing and functional finishing of your window projects.

High-quality material for durability and durability

A variety of decors for a perfect match with any window style

Easy assembly thanks to precise assembly


The corner redefined.

Our angle profiles not only offer protection, but also style. They are specially developed to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of modern window structures.

Robust construction for maximum stability

UV-resistant and weather-resistant for long-lasting use

Available in various sizes and colors


Elegance meets efficiency.

With our cover strips, you can add the finishing touch to every window. They combine elegant design with practical functionality and are the ideal choice for demanding projects.

Finely coordinated color palette for a harmonious look

Easy installation for quick and efficient assembly

Low maintenance and easy to clean


Seamless beauty.

Our soffit cladding systems provide a quick and clean solution for covering window reveals. They are the perfect choice for an aesthetic upgrade of any façade.

Versatile design options for individual design options

Weather-resistant and UV-stable for long-lasting quality

Lightweight yet robust for long-lasting performance

Window accessories

Every detail counts.

Our extensive range of window accessories offers everything you need for professional window installation. From sealing profiles to mounting clips — quality and precision are paramount.

Wide range of accessories for every installation situation

Highest material quality for optimum functionality

Perfect fit guarantees efficient and easy installation

shutter accessories

Function and form in harmony.

Complement your shutter projects with our specially developed accessories. Our products guarantee smooth operation and fit seamlessly into the overall picture.

Durable materials for reliable use

Easy handling and assembly

A variety of designs for perfect adaptation to all roller shutter systems

Convincing quality.

Discover the possibilities of EXTE systems for your projects.

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