A world of opportunities.

Design with confidence

At EXTE, we believe that every outdoor design should be unique. That's why we offer a wide range of cladding solutions and privacy options that meet the highest quality standards. From choosing the perfect decor to the final assembly, rely on our expertise to make your vision a reality.

Safety meets style & function.

Lasting elegance and durability from EXTE - Our high-quality paneling and privacy strips guarantee long-lasting protection and stylish design for the home.

The EXTE foundation for a strong roof.

PROFI PLANK professional cladding solutions, made of plastic, for under-roof cladding. Profi Plank is worked with standard tools similar to wood. For special requirements, over 400 other decors are available on request.

Sturdy Easy Privately.

EXTE premium privacy strips transform any standard double-rod fence into attractive privacy and wind protection. Made of high-quality plastic, they are ideal for long-lasting outdoor use.

Built to last

resilience that
leads through every season.

Our cladding solutions and privacy strips are not only a visual highlight, but also a bulwark against the elements. With UV stability that does not allow color changes over years and dimensional stability that persists even under extreme weather conditions, our products set standards. The Profi Plank roof panels and Exte Premium privacy strips offer a durable solution that defies wind, rain and sunlight.


Designed for
demanding projects.

Profi Plank is not just a cladding solution; it is a revolution in the design of facades and roofs. This cutting-edge cladding option combines aesthetic diversity with unparalleled functionality and sustainability. Designed for the most demanding projects, Profi Plank offers architects, contractors and window manufacturers a wealth of benefits that leave traditional materials far behind.


Forget painting or sealing. Profi Plank requires hardly any maintenance and thus saves time and money. A simple cleaning with water is enough to maintain its beauty.


With a range of over 400 decors and colors, Profi Plank enables individual design. From natural wood looks to modern shades — your vision, our product.

thermal insulation

Profi Plank not only improves the aesthetic quality of your project, but also contributes to energy efficiency by contributing to better insulation of the building.


Profi Plank is 100% recyclable and supports green building practices. Choosing Profi Plank contributes to a sustainable future without sacrificing performance.


Ease of installation that speeds up your projects.

Efficiency in every step: Our cladding solutions are designed for quick and easy installation. The Profi Plank roof panels with their “2-board look” and the Exte Premium privacy strips can be installed without special tools. This easy handling saves valuable time and labor costs without sacrificing quality or stability.


EXTE privacy screen.
It's the smarter choice.

The Exte Premium privacy strips are ideal for turning any standard double-rod fence into an attractive privacy screen. They are made from high-quality polypropylene. The material is very robust, weather-resistant, dimensionally stable and, above all, UV-stable and lightfast for years. The slightly grooved surface provides an attractive look. The pre-assembled material is already cut to fit all standard fence elements and can be assembled quickly, easily and without tools.


Our privacy strips are extremely weather-resistant, the color lasts a long time and the material does not become brittle.


With 4 standard colors and 6 special colors, Exte privacy strips offer many options for creating creative or harmonious accents.


Thanks to the easy-to-clean surface, dirt can be easily sprayed off with a garden hose or wiped off with a cleaning cloth if necessary.


The polypropylene used is completely recyclable and does not release any harmful substances during production or disposal.