The premium system

With the EXTE ELITE XT, all designs can be realized with just one system platform. This opens up new business areas, for example through the use of external blinds and external auditing in the attachment box.

All information at a glance.

Intended use

Renovation and new construction

Box size

175 x 220 I 200 x 220 I 240 x 220
240 x 255 I 240 x 320

Revision types

Inside, below, outside

Hanging types

shutters, screens, venetian blinds

Hanging Heights

Mini: tanks up to 3,500 mm
Maxi: tanks up to 2,800 mm

Guide rails

35 x 51, 60 x 51 (revision bottom/inner)
35 x 86, 60 x 86 (external revision)
60 x 132 (external blinds)

Sound insulation values

Up to 48 dB


USB up to 0.48 W/m2*K

Open for any event.
Revisionsarten für den ELITE XT.

With its platform principle, the EXTE ELITE XT roller shutter box system offers the perfect solution for every situation. The inspection access for our roller shutter box systems is designed in such a way that it enables quick and easy maintenance. This easy-to-use design ensures efficient accessibility for repairs or upgrades without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

ELITE XT hanging types

Classic roller shutter. Versatile protection.

The classic roller shutter is a timeless and proven finish for windows and French doors. Consisting of articulated rods, this roller shutter armour offers protection and privacy. It is available in various materials such as hard PVC and aluminum, often foamed with polyurethane to provide additional insulation and stability.

The classic roller shutter is a versatile solution that is characterized by durability and functionality and is seamlessly integrated into any façade.

Zip screen. With fabric for

Screen hangings offer an innovative alternative to traditional shutter covers. With a wide range of customization options in terms of colors and materials, they set new standards in aesthetics and functionality.

Through seamless integration into our EXAKT XT, EXPERT XT, ELITE XT and NEO XT systems, they ensure wrinkle-free and precise control of sun protection. Ideal for large window fronts such as lifting/sliding doors, their lightweight design offers maximum flexibility and expands the design options for living and working spaces.

Venetian blinds. Design meets functionality.

Venetian blinds are more than just a trend — they are a modern solution for daylight control in public, commercial and, increasingly, residential buildings. Its attractive design goes perfectly with large window fronts and is an excellent addition to lift-and-slide doors. The ability to create large widths of external blinds without dividing makes them a flexible and aesthetically appealing choice for modern architecture.

With integrated external blind systems, you will experience a new dimension of lighting regulation and design.

Why complicated when it could be easy?!

Discover the possibilities of seamless integration with our XT systems.
Integration in unsere XT Systeme.

Integrated insect protection

A powerful solution with a high level of comfort.

The insect screen sits between the armour and the window. The gauze is stretched with two headpieces together with the spring mechanism. This allows the insect repellent to be prepared independently of the box. The insect protection unit is simply snapped into the box between the inlets

Retrofitting, quick and easy.

The window insect protection can be retrofitted at any time for boxes with internal and lower sections up to an element height of 2,550 mm including the box. It's quick and easy. The tank's guide rails have already been prepared for this purpose. After removing a cover, only an aluminum profile is inserted there.

the exhibition roller shutter.

Optimized guide rail

With the new Vento XT display roller shutter, excellent room ventilation can be achieved while providing shade. Using gas pressure hinges, the angle of inclination is automatically adjusted after the lock has been released.

Lift-and-slide doors. Very trendy.

Always adapts to your customer.

Lift-and-slide doors have become an integral part of today's construction. They are the first choice for extra wide elements with a ground-level threshold.

With the Elite XT and its modular design, almost all variations of different installation situations can be realized through 3 different types of inspection and external blinds.

up to 200 mm
up to 180 mm
all widths possible

Design at its best.

Today, plastic profiles must cover a very wide variety of colors. EXTE therefore uses fully automatic wrapping systems and can therefore also supply small quantities of profiles in many desired colors.

moss green

light oak


RAL 7015

RAL 7040

RAL 8014

wine red

RAL 9005

RAL 7041



moss green

Premium films.
Our partners.

With premium high-performance films, we finish every roller shutter box or construction profile for maximum aesthetics and durability. Perfection in every detail.