New trade fair presence puts the EXTE system world in the spotlight

New trade fair presence puts the EXTE system world in the spotlight

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At EXTE, a lot has been moved, redesigned and implemented in recent months: For Fensterbau Frontale, the company is offering product innovations and complements as well as additional new features. This is where the completely redesigned trade fair presence fits in. “In this way, we are making our EXTE system world directly tangible for trade visitors,” says Marketing Director Tobias Marten. Above all, the focus is on further developed roller shutter box systems, which will be presented for the first time at the trade fair under the motto “One platform, four systems, all options.”

When the industry meets in Nuremberg from March 19 to 22, EXTE did a lot of preparatory work for a successful trade fair appearance — not just on the product side. “We are presenting ourselves with a new, fresh stand design and also in a new location,” says Tobias Marten, Head of Marketing and Product Management. The stand (stand number 7-556) is located in Hall 7 and, in keeping with the new public image, the EXTE website will also be completely redesigned at the start of the trade fair. The company's entire product portfolio can be seen at Fensterbau Frontale, including a wide range of accessory profiles for window construction and cladding systems. Whether on windows, doors or outside on garden fences — the range of the Wipperfürth-based manufacturer is wide.

As a specialist in roller shutter box systems, EXTE is focusing on its XT platform solution at the trade fair: This always forms the same basis for four different system variants. With a corresponding number of identical parts, customers can keep their product range small. (Photos: EXTE)

One platform, four systems, all options

Suitable solutions for all profile systems and every purpose: This is what EXTE offers with its powerful range of roller shutter box systems. From the smallest renovation requirement to new construction, the specialist now has a total of four different variants from which specialist customers can choose. “We therefore offer an ideally suited solution for every construction situation,” points out EXTE general sales manager Kai Steingrebe. The special feature: “All systems have our XT platform as an identical basis, which is a decisive advantage for customers,” emphasizes Tobias Marten. This is because many identical parts, such as guide rails, adapters or bearing discs, make it easier for specialist partners to switch between systems — and at the same time reduce their range of products or storage requirements.

As a novelty, the EXTE system world is now supplemented by the new “NEO XT” kit, which has an official premiere in front of a specialist audience in Nuremberg. This innovative solution also offers many product benefits. With just seven body parts alone, 44 different versions can be realized. The “NEO XT” is ideal for three types of curtains — roller shutters, screens and external blinds. The “EXPERT XT” roller shutter boxes as a professional system and “ELITE XT” as a premium system, have already been successfully developed in practice and equipped with new detailed solutions. They will be presented at the trade fair in the same way as the modified “EXAKT XT”. “Thanks to the new, improved thermal insulation, the system is now GEG compliant,” says Kai Steingrebe, who welcomes trade customers to the trade fair with his newly established sales team.

The continuously developed, patented structural analysis program is also one of the new detailed solutions that will be presented at the trade fair. The multi-stage system is now the same for all box types and, thanks to a new static console with three different mounting options, ensures even faster, easier installation.

Looking forward to many technical discussions with customers in Nuremberg: Marketing Director Tobias Marten (left) and General Sales Manager Kai Steingrebe are impressed by the latest EXTE product innovations — “we offer a number of innovative solutions with a system”

Suitable accessory profiles, wide range of colors

EXTE is bringing a number of other products to the trade fair. Whether for sealing, veneering or as a window connection — the company has a comprehensive range of accessory profiles with a total of over 5,000 items. These include, for example, flat and cover strips as well as angle profiles or chamber strips. Just like the roller shutter box systems, these solutions also meet the entire range of different colors. “Thanks to our wide range of decorations, we are able to offer the right film for every window,” underlines marketing manager Tobias Marten. EXTE also manufactures its construction profiles in over 400 colors and films — and at the same time ensures short delivery times. The Wipperfürth-based specialist also has professional cladding systems in its product portfolio. In addition to 'Profi Plank Panels', which are used for under-roof cladding, there are soften cladding for window areas or privacy protection systems for double-rod mat fences.

At EXTE, delivering tailor-made products and innovative solutions for all purposes has a system out of the box. This is because the company acts as a problem-solving and development partner for its customers. Fensterbau Frontale shows just how extensive the production spectrum is on and with many exhibits. “We are looking forward to the professional exchange with our customers and the interested specialist audience,” say Tobias Marten and Kai Steingrebe.

The Wipperfürth-based manufacturer EXTE is a specialist in shutter box systems, window accessories and privacy elements. As a partner to the construction industry, EXTE supplies system houses, window manufacturers and manufacturers. The company sees itself as a price and technology leader and develops and produces all systems and tools itself at three locations in Germany.

Wasserfuhr 4, 51688 Wipperfürth, Tel: +49 2267 687-0, E-Mail: fzb@exte.de
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