Noise insulation

Noise sealing

All noise stays outside

The EXTE noise insulating strip provides highly effective and inexpensive enhancement of soundproofing in your roller shutter box. The insulating strip prevents noise from penetrating the roller shutter box through the outlet slip.

The strip itself provides a sound absorption value of 43 dB in the Elite XT 240x255 with inspection access underneath. If the roller shutter box is additionally plastered over on the inside, the noise level can be reduced even to 46 dB.

Supplied as a section with two bars on the sides, the strip completely seals the outlet strip of the roller shutter box.


Simple assembly

Little effort required

Assembly of the noise insulating strip couldn’t be easier: The fitter simply places the section onto the roller shutter bar from underneath and screws it into place. He then presses a rubber sealing strip from below into the strip – done! If the blind needs to be replaced, the fitter simply screws off the section and extracts the casing from the box.

The noise insulating strip is also easily retrofitted. Another advantage is that its side pieces cover the drill holes of the previously fitted stoppers.

einfache Montage der Lärmverschlussleiste

High noise insulation


The EXTE noise insulating strip available for mini and maxi curtains offers high noise insulation, is inexpensive and visually appealing.

When in the closed state, the noise insulation also prevents insects infiltrating the roller shutter box.

EXTE Lärmverschlussleiste: hohe Schalldämmung und kostengünstig

Video: Assembly of noise insulating strip