Insect protection

Perfectly integrated

The insect protection in ELITE XT is positioned between the casing and the window. The capacity of the roller shutter box is thus independent of the presence of insect protection.

The retrofitting of window insect protection is possible at any time with boxes having inspection access inside, underneath and outside up to an element height of 2,550 mm.

Insect protection Perfectly integrated EXTE ELITE XT


Stable drawing rail – pull cord with cord head

With this novel form with integrated handle strip, the extra stabile drawing rail offers maximum comfort.

The attractive cord head facilitates handling even with ceiling-high elements. When the insect protection is not required over a longer period, such as in winter, the cord head can be simply pushed to the side and fixed laterally in the guide rail. This prevents knocking against the window in the case of wind.

Stable drawing rail

Patented door roller

Perfectly simple operation

The patented door roller is integrated laterally in the guide rail. The fabric is drawn out by means of an ergonomically designed handle.

Special emphasis was again placed here on simplicity of operation: the door roller can be opened and closed with one hand.

Patented door roller - Perfectly simple operation

Video: insect protection

Video: Locking