Fastening shafts

Variable use

The fastening shaft can be simply folded at two points and can thus be used for every form of opening.

The fitter can choose between a bent shaft (screw fastening at front on window frame) and a straight shaft (screw fastening on side of the window frame). The shafts fit all window systems.


Maximal sealing

The construction of the adapter strip and the floor board achieves an airtight and watertight and clean system on the blind frame. There is therefore no need for any additional measures such as sealing or.

The construction alone ensures a permanently tight, gap-free and stable connection.

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  • Fensterzubehör: Adapterleiste

Reinforcement iron

For large elements

EXTE ensures perfect stability of large window elements or window-door elements with a roller shutter box on top with its patented special reinforcement iron.

With this unique solution, the entire window element is structurally reinforced.

  • Verstärkungseisen
  • Spezialverstärkungseisen

Video: Assembly of the static console

Video: Dismantling of the static console